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“Welcome to bidsonbids.net real estate platform”

Our platform has been created for the promotion of real estate by the real estate agency that bears the trade name "MESHITI REAL ESTATE AGENCY", where I myself, Rita Mesiiti / (AM 904 AA 450) am a registered and licensed real estate agent.

Our headquarters are in Limassol and our platform will only display properties in the district of Limassol.

With more than 10 years of real estate experience, my priority has always been the promotion of quality real estate, (that is, quality construction real estate), and projecting a clear image to our clients, always respecting the buyer, as well as the seller . The employment of my office is limited to the province of Limassol, because it is precisely the province for which I know the market trends and that is the only way I consider that I will be correct with the clients of my office.

With an on-site visit always and to all the properties we promote in Limassol, my assistants and I have as a principle to present in as much detail as possible the physical and legal characteristics of the property, to avoid unnecessary visits to the property and to avoid inconvenience of our client and the owner of the property.

The philosophy behind the creation of our platform was to display properties with a starting amount, either based on the most recent appraised value determined by the land registry, or based on the amount secured by the owner of the property according to a recent assessment made by him , while giving only truly interested buyers the opportunity to express their interest through our platform, easily and quickly. Visiting the property will be optional.

Furthermore, our platform will only promote properties that will have a title deed or at least the certificate of final approval or only properties from construction companies that we have known for years and guarantee quality construction at the same time as the issuance of the title deed, (always only in case the property will have a building permit).

The payment of our real estate services is kept at low levels, while the bidder will also have a small participation in the payment of our services, (once he becomes a winner from the system, whether he is interested in the purchase himself or performs representative duties).

Our aim was to keep the price at which the product would be offered to the market low compared to similar properties that would be sold using the normal method.

The fee for participating in the bidding process, for registering the interested party as a subscriber, for each interested party who would like to submit one or more offers for one or all of the properties that will be displayed on our platform, is also a small symbolic amount that it will last for 6 months so that only interested parties can make an offer.

We have tried to create a fast and safe process for anyone interested in buying a property at its appraised value and without hidden charges from us.

We propose the promotion of your property through our platform, while visits to your property will take place on predetermined dates (only 3 in total), to avoid your inconvenience from pointless and continuous visits.

Visits will only be allowed to genuinely interested people who are registered in the system as subscribers or through the subscriber's registration as interested buyers and the property will be displayed on our platform only with an exclusive assignment that will be of short duration to make the owner feel safe.

Always remember you are the owner; Or are you a buyer? for a real estate transaction to succeed, both parties must be satisfied. We always try to achieve this!!

Note: Details concerning the subscriber / tenderer / interested buyer as well as the duration of the assignment are listed in the articles 'Subscriber - Rights and Obligations' and in the article 'Interested Property Owners'.

Meshiti Areti (Rita)

Registered & Licensed Real Estate Agent

Reg. No. 904 – License No. 450 Limassol – Cyprus

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